Deficiency Needs versus Growth Needs

Maslow's Pyramid for Millennial Women

Our subconscious mind operates on our deficiency needs and growth needs. ⁠
Based on our hierarchy of human needs, we are constantly focused on making sure our deficiency needs(basic needs and psychological needs) are being met.⁠

▫️basic needs such as food, water, shelter, safety, security of employment and health⁠
▫️psychological needs such as love, friendship, and belonging⁠

Because these needs are a must for our survival, it is our main focus. ⁠

Our growth needs (psychological esteem needs and self fulfillment needs) often go neglected. ⁠

▫️psychological esteem needs such as confidence, achievement and self esteem ⁠
▫️self fulfillment needs such as achieving one’s full potential⁠

This means that we must work to correct feelings and behaviors of unworthiness and low self confidence before we can actually be successfully on track to achieve our goals. ⁠

This is why you can get really excited and set goals only to lose focus soon after. Our deficiency needs begin to overshadow our growth needs.⁠