What Kind Of Mindset Do You Have?

Bre Michelle What Kind Of Mindset Do You Have? Fixed or Growth Mindset for Millennial Women

Having the right mindset can make all the difference in our experiences. Have you ever wondered why certain things happen for you and not for others? Or maybe vice versa. 

Sometimes we’re committed to having a fixed mindset that limits us, hold us back, and causes us to feel stuck. This isn’t always our fault because we’ve been taught certain beliefs that keep us trapped under a fixed mindset. And frankly we don’t know any better. 

However, once we discover the other possibilities and ways of thinking, we must commit to making a change. If we remain in a fixed mindset and not shifting, we are knowingly harming ourselves and not living up to our full potential. 

This is where shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset comes in. 

Having a growth mindset will open us up to new possibilities and opportunities that are aligned with our overall goals and dreams. Having a growth mindset is essential for becoming your best self. 

Here are thoughts of a fixed mindset:

▴ I am not good enough.

▴ I don’t have time.

▴ I could never do that.

▴ I am afraid of failure.

▴ I don’t deserve that.

▴ Investing in myself is selfish. 

▴ I am too old.

Here are thoughts of a growth mindset:

▴ I am perfect the way I am.

▴ I have more than enough time. 

▴ I can do anything I want.

▴ Failure is the best lesson.

▴ I deserve everything I desire.

▴ Investing in myself allows me to help myself and others.

▴ Time will pass anyway, no matter what age I am.

Which mindset do you have: fixed or growth?