Recipe For Becoming Your Best Self

Bre Michelle Recipe For Becoming Your Best Self
Recipe For Becoming Your Best Self for Millennial Women

Becoming a better version of yourself is multifaceted…

You’ll need a combination of inner work + outer work + accountability

Have you ever bought something in hopes of feeling better about yourself only to notice that the feeling was short lived?

Have you ever felt that your outside didn’t match how you felt on the inside? 

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to set goals and stay on track?

This is likely because you were missing one of the components…

💕 Inner Work
It’s what sets the foundation for you to give yourself permission to become better.

Inner work will help you create a healthy and solid relationship with yourself. You’ll release any doubts and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from taking the leaps necessary to improve yourself in the past. 

💕 Outer Work
This follows inner work because once the inner work is in motion, your outer reality will begin to reflect what you desire for yourself. 

It isn’t all about self care practices. Your mindset and boundaries have a lot to do with how you show up in the world and what you attract. 

💕 Accountability
This ties everything together. Yes, inner and outer work can be done without accountability but it sure helps to have a support system that will hold you accountable.

Having a supportive circle that understands your journey will accelerate your progress and keep you in the energy and mindset of becoming your best self.

Each of these three components works together to contribute to you becoming a better version of yourself.

Which of these components do you need support with?

Email me to explore how you can begin strengthening these components today.